We carry out a wide variety of dental services to suit individual needs.

Examination consultationfrom £50
X-raysfrom £10 per image
Fissure Sealant (per tooth)from £40
Oral Hygienist (per session for a child)from £80
Oral Hygienist (per session for an adult)from £120*
*Please note this price increase is due to costly Covid-19 protocols, including the need for hand scaling and personal protection equipment. We will reduce this fee if circumstances allow.
Placement of composite and amalgam fillings is £400 per hour
Root Canal Therapy
Single rootfrom £400
Single root with specialistfrom £650
Multiple rootsfrom £550
Multiple roots with specialistfrom £900
Crown and Bridge
Ceramic crownfrom £600 plus lab fee
Crown per unitfrom £600 plus lab fee
Bridge per unitfrom £600 plus lab fee
Inlay (porcelain or composite)from £600 plus lab fee
Veneerfrom £600 plus lab fee
Implant with crown per toothfrom £2300 including components and lab fee
Partial acrylicfrom £600
Full acrylic (upper/lower)from £1200
Precision metalfrom £1200
Full mouth whiteningfrom £450
Extraction (simple)from £300
Extraction (complex)from £300